Can a Tourist Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Can a Tourist Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Can a Tourist Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?


When it comes to medical marijuana, Florida is one of the more lenient states in terms of its laws. However, for tourists visiting the state, the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card can seem confusing and complicated. In this blog post, we will explore if it is possible for a tourist to get a medical marijuana card in Florida.


Medical marijuana has been legal in Florida since 2016, but only for residents with qualifying medical conditions. However, the rules have changed a bit in recent years, and visitors can now potentially get a medical marijuana card while staying in the state. The process is not without its challenges, however.

To get a medical marijuana card in Florida, you need to first make sure that you have a qualifying medical condition as per the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. These conditions include cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, multiple sclerosis, and several others. A visitor must have a valid medical condition recognized under the laws of his home state and under Florida's laws. 

After identifying an approved medical condition, a tourist must then get evaluated by a medical marijuana doctor, who could determine if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment for their condition under Florida laws. Once this has been done, the tourist would then have to follow the same procedures as a Florida resident by submitting an application for a medical marijuana card and paying the requisite fee.

However, there is an issue. Florida state requires that the patient must have proof of residency within the state. The tourist will have to provide proof that he or she has rented or leased a property or owns an RV or motorhome for at least 31 consecutive days. Landlords must also provide a declaration that they have allowed the tenant to live in the property for the same duration. Therefore, it is a challenging task for tourists to meet the special residency requirements set forth by the state, making acquiring a medical marijuana card difficult for them.



So, can you get a medical marijuana card in Florida as a tourist? The answer is potentially yes, with caveats. While the laws changed for visitors to access medical marijuana cards, the special residency requirements of the state can sometimes make it difficult for tourists to be eligible for a medical marijuana card. If you are a tourist who intends on getting a medical marijuana card, it is essential to reach out to a specialist who is knowledgeable of the current state requirements to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible. If you're looking for a marijuana card provider in Altamonte Springs, FL, contact CSG Med today for more information.

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